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Winnipeg , Manitoba
I can’t thank you enough for helping me obtain my medical marijuana license. Your helpfulness, kindness and professionalism throughout the process was outstanding. Thank you again. G. F. Gibson

– Glenn Gibson

Wasaga Beach , Ontario
Just over a year ago, it was suggested to me by a friend that I should try marijuana for relief from IBS and arthritis. I had heard of the benefits of this drug for many years but never tried to apply it to my own health concerns. I had not been a marijuana user before. My family doctor had posted signs on her office window warning people that she does not prescribe or keep pain medications, which seems to be a default attitude with the doctors in my area. When I was seeking treatment for IBS, all I had been offered beyond over the counter Tylenol was anti-depressants. I wasn’t depressed, I was in pain. I could barely leave the house and this was the best they could do! As anyone with IBS will tell you, we will try anything to get relief. Anti-depressants turned out to be a nightmare! So, to say trust in my doctor was at an all time low is an understatement. IBS never quits, leaving me to look elsewhere for help. I can’t recall how I found Marijuana Access Canada Services, but I am glad that I did. They are efficient, they listen and they don’t judge. Within days of contacting them I was referred to a competent doctor who consulted with me about my issues and recommended a low THC blend. While IBS is a particularly nasty medical issue to deal with, it was subdued for the first time in years and my arthritis pain is but a memory now. These results were better than any treatment I’d received previously. I am positively convinced that the experts at Marijuana Access Canada knew I could be helped and did so with compassion and understanding. They know that they have a valuable treatment for many types of chronic pain and have doggedly advocated for their patients with this in mind. I can’t thank them enough.

– D Watters

Montreal, Quebec
I am writing this email as a huge Thank you to the team at Marijuana Access Canada. I have been using their service for the past year. They have helped me obtain & renew my medical licence with professionalism & compassion for my illness. The staff truly cares about you & assist in anyway possible to ensure you are covered. The process was easy as all forms can be filled out online without the need of printing & faxing documents. The staff is always available to talk & return calls & emails in a timely fashion. I highly recommend this service if your looking to obtain your medical marijuana licence. This company is definitely a top notch organization, with true compassion for people in need. Thank You Marijuana Access Canada for all your help & care through the process. Amazing Service & Staff. Sincerely, Ron Barr

– Ron Barr

Montreal, Quebec
“Dear Friends, Hope, Health and Healing! Perfectly sums up our experience while working with Marijuana Access Canada in securing our license (my wife and I) to possess medical marijuanna. It began as I was searching the Web for a reliable and professional site. After sifting through several different ones and making preliminary calls, it was clear the moment I clicked onto MAC that I had found the best!

Not to underestimate the beautiful art work, graphics or glitch free navigation- but the compassionate human interaction from start to finish has certainly earned our respect and gratitude for a work well done!

Thanks for being there.”

– D & M Miller

Ontario, Canada
What an amazing establishment! I have never felt more comfortable walking into a doctors office before.  MAC explained everything to me, front to back and after I completed everything, I was able to get my medicine inside of 48 hours.  I recommend this place to anyone looking to qualify for medical marijuana in Canada. – Deborah Fouley

Ontario, Canada
Great clinic! answered every single question I had, set me up with a local producer and literally walked me through the entire process step by step.  I would recommend MAC to anyone who needs a good explanation of the program, treatment plan and looking for a quality doctor.

– Kyle Berman


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
My IBS has become manageable for the first time in my life (I was diagnosed as a child (used to take a few advil a day from elementry school through highschool due to pain/cramping (depending on the severity that day) and if I had anything important to do, needed to take antidiahhreals, and have tried every diet they recommended without success) I am nearly regular and without many symptoms I’ve previously suffered with.

My anxiety, which with so many different medications remained unchanged for years. The difference I felt was night and day. I used to wake up every day at 8.5/10 anxiety level – near panic, before I had done a single thing. Within a week after starting medical cannabis I noticed my anxiety in the morning (2/10) and general anxiety throughout the day had been cut in half, at least. Although it is still very much present, it is seen in a different light. I have more control, and able to manage myself very well now, and have not needed even one pill of my benzodiazapines since before May 2015.

I’ve tried my whole life to get healthy, and followed all instructions from Dr’s and specialists with little success. I am so appreciative, that this is an option for me to manage and resolve my current and past ailments. My mood has improved, my energy, my motivation. I feel like I’m alive again.”

– K. Harder


Toronto, Ontario
“The overall process was relatively easy and took no longer than a week. I was connected with a physician who’s knowledge and understanding of medical marijuana was exceptional. He was successfully able to recognize my symptoms and made recommendations on how to cope with my symptoms of my condition using medical cannabis. I am a happy patient and defiantly will recommend Marijuana Access Canada to family and friends who could benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis. Thanks so much for all the hard work that was put into assisting me and many other Canadians alleviate their symptoms with medical marijuana, it has changed my life and has improved my quality of life dramatically.”

– C. Dicanno


Toronto, Ontario
“Marijuana Access Canada was great. They helped me get in contact with a doctor very quickly. Very professional. Great service. Very understanding with my needs. Highly recommended. All the staff were helpful. I was able to get a license to grow my own medicine. I can’t say enough to show my gratitude with them. Thank you, Thank you very much for all your help.”

– Jackson Tran


Noranda, Quebec
I just want to tell you that the doctor appointment was wonderful and i have my licence!! A big thank you to you for helping me get in contact with that wonderful doctor!! She was really comprehensive and helpfull! Thank you again!! Have a good day.”

– Fanny Chamberland
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